A Tired Mama’s Idea Guide for Creating the Weight Loss Accountability You Need

A Tired Mama’s Idea Guide for Creating the Weight Loss Accountability You Need

“Get a workout buddy…someone to keep you accountable.” Ever heard that before? I know I have.  I kinda roll my eyes when I do #realtalk.

In your journey to weight loss, it’s true that having a comrade along for the ride can really increase your chances of success (really…research proves it.  I’ve included a few links at the bottom of the article if you’re interested) I know that there have been plenty of times in my health days where I wished I could call someone up who was on the same level as me.  Yes – they’ve got to have the same level of commitment as I do!  If my “workout buddy” is more interested in watching the Real Housewives…than I’ma need a new plan.

But…then you are staring at your workout clothing in a pile on the floor, trying to will yourself to put it on.

You run through the rolodex in your head for someone who gets your struggle….who will tell you to get up off your buns and start lifting weights NOW.

Lord knows your kids won’t do it…they are those little devil parts of your conscious asking you for ice cream (God love their sticky faces.)

But the weight loss rolodex (which is wildly outdated anyway – does anyone even own a rolodex anymore?), is empty.

It’s at this point you need to realize something. Mama, you're gonna have to CREATE the accountability you need! Click To Tweet If the support system around you is spewing out nothing but crickets, this one’s gonna be on you.  Don’t worry though – I’ve got your back.  As someone who never really had anyone in my life with the same passion for weight loss and health as me, I had to step out of my comfort zone and DO something.  Let me give you some ideas on creating accountability for yourself, when it seems like you have no one who gets it.

This article (and it's free downloads) will help you find the accountability you have always needed to help you finish the weight loss process!


Start the Accountability Group You Wish Existed


This is the big one folks.  Right outta the gate I’m going to encourage you to do big things. I know – starting something new is the last thing you want to do.  As a mama, your “to-do” list is already 600 miles long.  But stick with me here.  By starting a group yourself, you are taking your accountability to the next level.

While you’ve tried other things in the past, it’s so easy to fall into the background and fade away. Being the leader of a group of like minded women can empower and give you energy that you’ve never had before. Going a few steps further – you can have an in-person group or an online group


Online Groups:


One of the benefits of the internet and social media is that there is ALWAYS someone to connect with.  Facebook is the best place to create one of these.  They make the process very easy (CLICK HERE for concise directions on how to do this).  You can make your own group name, upload a cover picture to the group and invite people you know.   If you don’t have a community on Facebook to invite – never fear.  Facebook can make suggestions for you.  From there, you can encourage friends to invite other folks, and so on and so forth. It takes a little leadership – but you could excel if you had this little push behind you!


In Person Groups:


There are many folks that really need that “in person” contact to benefit from a group setting.  While I myself thrive in an online setting, other want to actually see their group members.  Think about what venues in your life you might be to use to get this going.  One of the easiest places is through your religious institution.  There are usually loads of like-minded people ready to create fellowship and accountability.  Other places you can recruit folks: your workplace (as appropriate!), friends of friends, MOPS or other mom related groups and MeetUp Groups.


Join a group that is already established


If you aren’t into the leadership or creation thaaaannng – that’s okay!  There are PLENTY of groups, particularly in the virtual world, that already exist.  Find them and join them!  Facebook is excellent for this. Shameless plug here real quick – did you know that I run an encouragement group for tired mamas who want to lose weight?   It’s called the LiveLoveLose Café – our chill vibe is meant to keep the health journey stress free.  There are lots of fabulous women there.  Come check us out HERE!

Interested in maybe getting involved in more than one group?   I’ve done the leg work for you and have compiled a list of fantastic Facebook groups you can join if you so desire.  Some have very large numbers of women – some are more small and intimate.  Check out a few of both and see what you enjoy.  Often times the large groups are more active and you may get more commentary.. But if you find a small active group – you will likely make closer friendships and maintain a more personal feel.


Get involved in a competition.


Love a little competition?  A little friendly rivalry can get you moving and start getting some habits created that you were struggling to get started.  Ever thought about joining that Biggest Loser competition that Martha holds every year in the office?  Now is the time! Another option is something called DietBet.  This is an interesting website that actually allows you to wager money against others.  Lose a certain amount of weight, you could make your money back PLUS some.

I do want to speak a word of caution regarding competitive measure for weight loss.   If you tend to be an extreme dieter, a perfectionist or get really discouraged when the scale doesn’t say what you want it to say…I would recommend reaching for a gentler form of motivation.  But again, I wanted to include this for my folks that love a good challenge (that won’t ultimately derail them in the end)


Take advantage of your workplace health programs


For those of you mamas who work outside the home, take a look at the programs that your employer may offer.  Many times they will offer free telephone health coaching calls.  What better way to be held accountable when you have a meeting with a coach coming up!


Start a blog


Blogging your health journey is essentially a public way of journaling.  A blog is a website just like the one you are one right now, where you can add postings on whatever and whenever you want.  You can give it a snazzy name (yes….I just said snazzy. You can thank my Dad for that one).  Give the blog to everyone you know and you can find some accountability that way!  They can subscribe, get updates of your journey etc.  Many platforms will even direct traffic to your site if you categorize it right.  If you allow yourself to be vulnerable in public, you can get support from many people.

One downside of this, is that there will always be an internet troll out there, waiting to say something negative or will try to spam you. If you can just brush these comments aside and press on, you will develop strength and resolve for your journey!


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Well, Mama, that’s about all for now.  If you know me and my style, you know I try to keep things as concise as possible, while still being crazy actionable and useful.

Before you go – please leave a comment below and tell me what you struggle with the most when it comes to accountability or which one of these tips might be the best option for you?