How to Make a Quick Healthy Meal Part 3

How to Make a Quick Healthy Meal Part 3

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Aaaannnnnd we’re back with part 3 of Kitchen Ninja aka How to Make a Quick Healthy Meal blog series.  In parts 1 and 2, we talked about kitchen organization, types of cooking, tips, tricks and more.  These are the tools I use when I need to step into a kitchen and be able to just throw a healthy meal together.   Today I am going to just get to it and give you a quick and easy tool that will walk you through building these meals.

How to Make a Quick, Healthy Meal


How to Make a Quick Healthy Meal Part 1How to Make a Quick Healthy Meal Part 2

Spices for a Quick Healthy Meal

As you can see in the above image, I included some basic spice combinations and ideas for putting some exciting flavor in your meals.  If you have a certain favorite spice packet that you like to use, such as Hidden Valley ranch packets ( we love those! ) or others, feel free to incorporate those instead.  Just be cautious, some of them are very high in sodium, so keep an eye out!

For those of you who might not even know what to do with half of the spices on your shelf, here is a bit more of an advanced look and what foods you can use them with!

The Ultimate Spice Guide for a Quick Healthy Meal


Summary of Kitchen Ninja

Cooking really is a rabbit hole – once you start teaching and learning it, it could just keep going, and going and going.  Hopefully this series has given you some things to think about and some tricks/tips for throwing together a healthy meal (quickly).

That being said, you really aren’t going to get better at cooking without PRACTICE and PLANNING.  So don’t be discouraged.   Here are my final tips.

  1.  Think about your dinner the night before.  Decide what you want.  Do you need to thaw any meat to prepare?  Do you have the ingredients you need?  If you don’t, think about substitutions you can make.
  2. If this cooking thing is new to you…start by choosing ONE night a week where you put use these tools to put something together.  Keep it that way until you feel more comfortable.
  3. Always continue learning.  There are mounds and mounds of recipes out there on PINTEREST or my personal favorite-
  4. If you try to make stroganoff and you end up with a pile of mushroom slop (I’ve done that!), just laugh about it and go get Subway.
  5. Don’t give up.  Please don’t.  The only place giving up gets you is the drive thru at McDonalds.


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