You know what’s up when it comes to nutrition.  Carbohydrates make you fat and should be restricted.  Don’t eat after 7pm! (or is it 8? Or is it 9:30?).  It’s okay to have a piece of cake – just make sure you do an additional 30 minutes of cardio at the gym the next day.  Green tea is the BEST drink for fat burning.  And if you are feeling stressed…just take a walk instead of eating.

Diets are the name of your PhD game!  You know what works.  

So why does the number on the scale keep creeping up?  Why does it feel like there is a gigantic weight on your shoulders every time you have to make a decision about what goes in your mouth?  Why do you feel completely out of control around food?

You’re a beautiful soul.  You’re the lady of the house doing what we ladies do best – holdin’ things TOGETHA!  Life is crazy hectic and at times difficult, but it’s also crazy wonderful.  You are likely blessed in ways that others aren’t experiencing – it could be with good friends or loving family or strong faith or abundant finances or a warm home – our stories and struggles are all unique.  And yours is beautiful.

But if there is one story that MANY of us have in common, it’s that we feel like prisoners when it comes to what we eat.

Every time you eat, one of two things happen: You either feel virtuous because what you ate was “clean and healthy” or you feel worthless because what you ate was “fattening and unhealthy.”

Why is it that, in a time when you should feel like your life is AWESOME, you feel like something is missing?

Like…that if you got your eating under control and jussstttttt lost that 40 pounds, your life would REALLY be complete?  Everything you have should be ENOUGH…but there is always this nagging, vicious voice in your head reminding you that “you are fat” and that once you lose the weight, “you can really start experiencing it all.”

We haven’t failed the diets. The diets have failed us.

Hi!!  I’m Christie,

your friendly


Registered Dietitian.

I help gals like you and I learn how to NEVER diet again!


My own contentious relationship with food started when I was 15 years old.  I was diagnosed with Lupus (an autoimmune disorder affecting my internal organs) and had to go on some seriously heavy steroids (no…not the body building kind) to get it under control!  If you didn’t know…the ‘roids cause INCREDIBLE hunger, mood swings, a “moon face” and weight gain.  Combine ALL this medical mumbo jumbo with the incredible stress of my parents horrible divorce…I gained some SERIOUS weight (like, 140lb in 5 years) (see example pic)

Being young and growing up with such a large body had a lot of challenges – peer pressure, self loathing, feeling that I was “less than” others.  Add that to the message of the horrendous diet culture we live in….and well…needless to say the next 15 years of my life was one big ice cream sundae, topped with a lotta calorie counting, drizzled with painful exercise and cherry topped with the frustration that my efforts NEVER resulted in sustainable weight loss.

Fast forward a few years (you don’t need to hear the story of my countless diets – you probably already understand all that business) and you’ll find me to be a Registered Dietitian, ready to bust out into the world and help women lose weight. After all, I had shed about 80lb of my “shame’ and felt I was an expert in telling people how to trick your body into losing those “ugly” fat cells.

But then I decided to get pregnant.  To do that safely…I had to go back on the steroids. UGH!.  I wanted my little one…so I would do it.  Between the steroid prep, a stressful high risk pregnancy and severe post-partum depression…I gained back a ton of weight.  It was devastating.  Some of it came off.  Some of it didn’t.

Needless to say, I was shaken to my core. How the hell could I help women lose weight if I couldn’t?

Then I discovered something called Intuitive Eating.  It intrigued me, this mysterious talk of life WITHOUT diets (WHAT!?)…a life where if you removed restriction (NO WAY) and honored your body’s cravings (I’LL EAT ALL THE SUGAR), your relationship with food would normalize (LIES!).  There was no feast or famine.  The focus is total self care, respect for your body and making food choices that make you feel good. And if you don’t make a choice that makes you feel good…you lean on the principles of self-compassion to accept that you are not perfect…and it’s okay.

It took me a hot second to accept a life without diets…but once I did, I never looked back.  Okay, that’s a total lie.  Sometimes I look back, because the diet mentality LOVES to creep back in and say things like “just go back to Weight Watchers for a little bit and shed 5 pounds.”  I’ve even given in a few times, counting a few points to see what would happen.


And here I am today, just an anti-diet dietitian with 10+ year of food  and nutrition experience.  Am I a skinny minnie?  Nope.  Do I wish I was.  Sometimes.  Do I then remember that I am worthy, beautiful and HEALTHY, despite what my current weight of that time may be?  Yep.

It’s a struggle, but I like to think I’ve overcome the hump. I have good days and bad days, just like you…but I can now confidently proclaim that my relationship with food has TOTALLY changed.  I can now say that I:


  • Eat carbs without guilt
  • Have a deep respect for my current body that allows me to experience life to it’s FULLEST.
  • Trust myself around all food
  • Have thrown AWAY my scale
  • Can experience sadness, anger, stress (or any other emotion) without turning to food (and if I do turn to food…I know that its OKAY.  Food is no longer my enemy!)
  • Have normalized my weight, and I’m more wildly happier, friends with food and just more PEACEFUL!

A few other little nuggets about me:

  • I have a deep love for warm beverages (especially coffee).  They just have a way of hitting your soul and makin’ ya go “aaahhhhh”
  • Everything is better with a good sarcastic meme!
  • I am a Super Mario connoisseur. Give me the Flower Power Up and my enemies are done for
  • There are two foods I can’t stand: Cantaloupe and Beets (BLECH)
  • I am one of the very few people left in the world that still LOVE Grey’s Anatomy (don’t judge me)

Wanna sit down with a warm drink together and figure out a personalized, step by step plan to learn how to NEVER diet again + maximize your nutrition + end emotional eating shame?