Body comparison is a major problem for us ladies in America. I mean, it seems like we are constantly looking at the bodies around us and thinking about how we’d “kill” to look like that.


It’s really sneaky.  As in, “it’ll get into your subconscious and wreak havoc” kind of sneaky.  It may seem harmless on the surface, but when you relentlessly compare yourself to someone else, it instills in you that you will “never be enough”. Today’s Coffee with Christie episode gives you 3 actionable tips to start cutting out the body comparison noise and start learning to appreciate what you’ve got today!


After listening, don’t forget to take the Body Appreciation Quiz below to see how much (or little) love you have for your #sexybody! 😉

3 tips for avoiding body comparison + a free quiz to assess your own body respect!

Here’s the gist:

To start ending body comparison in your life, integrate the following tips:

1- Make use of your critical voice.  When you find yourself saying negative things to yourself…use that as a sign to do an internal assessment.  Is something else going on in your life that needs attention…and you are just taking the frustrations out on yourself?

2- Make connections to a Body Positive Community.  Ask yourself…am I surrounding myself (in real life and on social media) with people that life me up? Or do they just bring me down or set up unrealistic expectations?

3- Start training yourself to see the beauty and diversity in ALL things.  By taking time to stop and acknowledge beauty in the smallest things, you retrain your brain to think the same thing about the different human bodies.


Interested in learning a little more about how much (or how little) you respect your body? Take the quick 11 question quiz below! (I’m even going to send you some info on what it means and what to do about it!