Emotional eating sucks. In my experience with helping women like you (as well as my OWN personal experience), it’s one of THE HARDEST things to manage. Notice I didn’t say “control” (because control of one of the reasons we struggle in the first place!
Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to excessive eating due to emotional stress. It’s complex and it’s different for everyone. Some people just need habit readjustment. Some need deeper in work. Others need therapy! But no matter what your situation is, you’re not alone sister. (I’m pretty sure I binge ate some animal crackers the other night after my kid accidentally kicked me in the face and then dropped my fit bit into the tub full of water.
In today’s Coffee with Christie, were gonna chat about some ways to manage emotional eating that we all can benefit. What I love most about these tips is that they are a bit different from the usual advice.
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Here’s the gist:

To start getting control of your emotional eating and food, try integrating some (or all) of these tips:

1- Remind yourself that using food for comfort sometimes, just like a hot bath or a nap, is OKAY! Its NOT the end of the world! It’s only one of many coping mechanisms you can have

2- Be mindful of your decision to emotionally. If you are stressed and want to eat, say to yourself “I am making the decision to eat for comfort….the stress isn’t making the decision for me” . This can help bring you back to earth and reduce the amount you might eat.

3- Stimulate one of your other four senses (look at pretty pictures, listen to great music, surround yourself in a soft blanket, light a candle with your favorite scent.

4- Do an internal assessment. Is there some other part of my life that isnt being tended to enough? (Sleep, exercise, creativity etc)

5- Plan for your triggers and have an easy to go to alternative plan!

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