What if you could be part of a FREE group of women looking to lose weight with the support of each other and of a Registered Dietitian? 

I know – sounds pretty sweet right?

My name is Christie and I am a Registered Dietitian with extensive experience with the struggles of weight control! I’ve lost a total of 80lbs and have seen a few obstacles to weight loss in my time (pregnancy, post partum depression, medications that increase appetite, just a plain love of all food, etc!)

Point is…I get what you are going through.

My Before and After Picture

Let me guess – you’re ready to start making changes in your life, even if they are small, but know that if you don’t have a community to support you…you’re likely to fall off the ledge!

Have you ever:

  • Desperately wanted to lose weight but seem to constantly hit roadblocks that halt your progress?
  • Felt like you were just straight up alone in this frustrating process?
  • Wanted to scream because the nutrition advice out there is different at every turn?
  • Longed for access to people who know the struggle and can provide support?

I have an invitation for you!


The Live Love Lose Cafe is a FREE private Facebook Group created to: 

1) Give the support and accountability you have been missing in your weight loss journey

2) Give regular access to a Registered Dietitian (I’m always only one post away!)

3) Give special perks (recipes, FB live sessions, webinars, challenges) that only Cafe members get!

See what members are saying:

“The LiveLoveLose Cafe is safe environment where I can share my successes and failures without fear of judgement. I love that Christie works to empower her members by providing excellent nutrition information and encouraging me to make conscious decisions about foods that work for my life!”

~ Lynn C.

“Christie is so honest about her personal journey with weight loss. She is cognizant of the struggle and helps us take a good look at the reasons why we (as people) might fail in our efforts. She gives the straight scoop on the science of nutrition but also a supportive, listening ear!”

~ April L.

“I love how down to earth and REAL the posts are in the Cafe. Being a mom, wife, teacher, etc…is HARD work and the kitchen tips and necessities for a prepared cooking area were invaluable!”

~ April H.

Don’t delay anymore. Click the button below and join us!