How would you feel if you could eat bread (or other carbs) without feeling like you need plead guilty to some sort of heinous food crime?

Or what if could breathe a gigantic sigh of relief, because you’ve FINALLY realized that the key to having a healthy body you love and are proud of is to CHILL OUT (aka break up with) all those lying, cheating diets.

Oooo ooo!! What about being able to experience stress, anger (or any other emotion) and NOT end up crawling into bed with a pan of grandma’s brownies, voraciously eating them until there’s nothing left but shame and chocolate dust?

I know what you’re thinking now…so let’s ALL SAY IT TOGETHER.


Yeah, yeah, I see you over there giving me the suspicious side eye, waiting for the cheesy-covered catch. Hell, I’d give myself the side eye as well if I heard someone slingin’ promises like that!

After all…you’re a smart cookie (or a bag of chips.  Or a peach.  Or a margarita…). You’ve been around the food block. You’ve tried every diet in the book. 

You know what’s up when it comes to those evil carbs and the all-sacred protein and green tea for fat burning and the ol’ “not eating after 8 PM” rule.


  • The guilt of putting something in your mouth that isn’t “clean” or “sugar free” (or WHATEVER) is always there, making meal time a regular source of indecision and frustration (instead of enjoyable and pleasure centered)
  • No matter how many pounds you lose, it’s never enough to love what you see in the mirror.  So instead of enjoying things like the beach or an awesome trip to the zoo with your babies … you are consumed with making sure you wear the right clothes to cover it all up.
  • Your new daily mantra seems to be“how did I let myself get to this point”, which usually results in tears and shame and then eating #allthethings

So after experiencing all this, you resolved to start a NEW diet, determined to change your life this time.  This one will work. It WILL.  It HAS to…

and…well…I don’t need to tell you about what usually happens next…

Case in point – you are SO sick and tired of being at war with food … and are DESPERATE for a BETTER WAY TO LIVE!

Well, girlfriend…before we go on, I need to tell you something.  You are NOT a failure.  Diets have been scientifically proven to cause MORE HARM than good. They lift you up into a whirling tornado of high expectations and dreams, only to spit you back out, battered, scuffed and feeling like you weren’t “strong enough” to hack it. Willpower is a FAIRY TALE.  You aren’t weak.  Get angry…because you haven’t failed.



FORTUNATELY, the good news is this:


A healthy body WITHOUT dieting DOES exist!

Picture the following (roll with me here):


  • Knowing the exact steps to take when you start beating yourself up over your weight, food intake (or whatever other mean things you say to yourself)
  • Going to a social gathering and have NO anxiety about what you are (or aren’t) going to eat (yup! Possible!)
  • Choosing fresh salad instead of a giant cheeseburger because YOU WANT IT (and not because your diet says you have to)
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin, no matter WHAT weight you are or WHAT jean size you wear (um…FINALLY!?)
  • Understanding exactly how to nourish your body in a way that is NOT restrictive and WILL help you find your healthiest body (hallelujah!)

HEY! I’m Christie and I’m a Registered Dietitian that loves #ALLTHEFOOD. Seriously. I love Doritos and I love kale. I’ve experienced all the emotions and all the binges that come with it. I’ve hit 300lb…I’ve hit 215lb. So the weight roller coaster? Done it.

I’ve done the shame thing, I’ve done the embarrassment. I’ve done the stress…done the anxiety. I’ve experienced supreme love and supreme fear and everything in between in my relationship with food.

So yeah…I’m a dietitian THAT GETS IT.

It took years of ups and downs, tears, education and more to come full circle and realize that only when I RELAXED through the journey, would I have success.  Since then, I’ve been able to completely give up diets, find health at whatever weight I happen to be at, find emotional freedom from food and TRANSFORM how I feel about my body.

Because honestly? I don’t have the energy anymore to keep worrying about it (something tells me you don’t either).

So….what this all really boils down to is that you have   the RIGHT to a healthy body (without diets), a guilt-free relationship with food and a powerful confidence in yourself (that has absolutely nothing to do with your weight).

It is for these life-changing, warm and cozy, wrap-you-in-a-comforting-hug style reasons that I want to invite you to join me in a program that I created to help you give you all these things (the same things I’ve achieved myself)

LiveLoveLose: Finding Life Without Diets!

So what exactly IS LiveLoveLose?

LiveLoveLose: Finding Life Without Diets is 10 module (or as I like to call them, Coffee Chats) self-paced online program for gals who want to create their healthiest body WITHOUT the shackles of dieting.  These women are ready to have a NORMAL, healthy relationship with ALL foods, and are dying to overcome emotional eating.  Sound like you?  Read on…



Here’s What You Get in LiveLoveLose!



  • Infinitely reduce that food anxiety you feel by learning how to GIVE UP the diet mentality
  • Remember what actual hunger and actual fullness feels like? No?  Don’t worry – we’re gonna fix that right up!
  • Get rid of yo-yo dieting (because a yo yo is a toy…you are NOT a toy!) and put the tire squealing breaks on the out-of-control eating
  • Find true satisfaction in every food you eat (whether it’s kale, or whether it’s an Oreo cookie) 
  • Learn how to TRUST yourself around food again (ALL FOOD!)
  • Exercise and move because it’s awesome…not because you deserve to be punished for eating something
  • Give up having to use “willpower” (because the idea of willpower is a lie)
  • Gain a love and appreciation for foods that nourish your body
  • Learn to handle emotions without food (and not stuff your face!) 

A 50+ page workbook full of exercises and action plans to make this new healthy relationship with food HAPPEN!  ($97 value)

and of course who doesn’t like a few epic BONUSES!

A SUPER CHILL Online Community ($497 value) of ladies in the SAME boat as you!  This is an awesome place to grab a warm drink ask questions to your new girlfriends, lay down any struggles you are having and get direction on what to do next.  This VIP group is my jam.  I hang out here and am ALWAYS available to you.  Think of me as your “dietitian-on-call.” (wahhhh??  How fabulous is that?) If I could create a fireplace and play some chill beats in the background here…I would!

MONTHLY Q&A with Yours Truly, a Registered Dietitian and REAL gal who has been through these trenches!  The Q&As will be live and give you motivation to keep going (because giving up the diet mentality takes time and it can be tough sometimes!) ($197 value…PER call!)


  • Discover the LiveLoveLose model for giving up diets, overcoming emotional eating and finding your healthiest weight.
  • Learn about the power of journaling and how it can be a game changer for tackling emotional eating
  • Start setting powerful goals – ones that will propel you forward instead of setting you up for failure

Warm and Cozy Self Care (part 1)


  • Discover how self compassion is one of the missing links in your journey to health – and how without, you’ll never make peace with food
  • Master the 3 step process for becoming a more self compassionate and forgiving person
  • Finally end the vicious cycle of dieting perfectionism (that thing that always says “I already screwed up my diet. I’ll just start tomorrow!)

Warm and Cozy Self Care (part 2)


  • Learn exactly how to squash that inner voice that says “you are fat” or “you have no willpower” or “your body is disgusting (you know that voice I’m talking about)
  • Discover the easy step-by-step process for avoiding those”oh screw it, I’m going to eat #allthethings” moments that ALWAYS derail your efforts (and dang, do they ever derail you hard!)
  • Uncover the hidden self-care secret that will help annihilate emotional eating but no one ever talks about!

Your Beauty Standards, Unplugged

  • Discover the “Health at Every Size” model, and how research shows how your weight and BMI are HORRIBLE predictors of true health
  • Master simple skills that will help you go from “I hate my body” to “I love, honor and respect my body – and DON’T YOU FORGET IT GIRLFRIEND!”

Custom-Brewed Health – Intuitive Eating: Losing the Diet Mentality


  • Learn how to accept that diets have LIED to you, how to give them up FOREVER, and how to STILL find your body’s healthiest weight.

Custom-Brewed Health – Intuitive Eating: Making Peace with Food & The Hunger-Fullness Factor


  • Discover a simple step-by-step process for making peace with food (ALL FOODS…yes including Doritos…lattes…and candy…)
  • Realize and practice reading your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues – and how to use this very simple, natural method to achieve your healthiest body.
  • Learn actionable, easy strategies for adopting an “all foods fit” mentality that aligns with your body’s goals

Custom-Brewed Health – Intuitive Eating: Challenging the Food Police & Creating True Food Satisfaction


  • Discover the process needed to FINALLY stop overeating (it’s easier than you think!)
  • Identify (and destroy) the sneaky voices all around you that keep you chained to a life of painful dieting.
  • Reclaim your body’s NATURAL ability to self regulate it’s food intake.

Custom-Brewed Health – Intuitive Eating: Nutrition & Fitness That Makes Sense (and Doesn’t Demonize ANYTHING)


  • Uncover the concept of “food worry”, how it affects your ability to make guilt free food choices…and how to fix it!
  • Learn and practice one ridiculously easy method for creating healthy balanced meals that satisfy your soul (and your taste buds)
  • Rediscover the joy in eating the nutritious foods that have been ruined by diets (like salads, raw vegetables, grapefruit juice, cabbage, etc)
  • Learn basic kitchen and cooking skills so that you can never again use the excuse “I can’t cook!”
  • Learn a fool proof method for meal planning to save you time, money and stress (and keep you from eating all the Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips for dinner)
  • Learn all about portion control….and why intuitive eaters DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!

Custom-Brewed Health – Handling Emotional Eating


  • Create an effective, personalized “Escape Plan” to help stop you from demolishing that entire gallon of ice cream
  • Learn the most common emotions that derail your eating – and how EXACTLY to stop them
  • Discover a stepwise process for bouncing back from those times when you feel completely discouraged in your health journey

Building a High Vibe Tribe + Life After LiveLoveLose (Making This Stuff Stick)


  • Discover why building a community of like minded body positive and intuitive eating supporters is KEY to your success in rejecting diets…and how EXACTLY do to it!
  • Gain access to some of the most positive communities in existence that will provide you with the support and accountability you’ve always wanted
  • Learn how to become an example and leader that other people can look up to in their journey
  • Put it all together into a personalized plan that will ensure your success in your new Intuitive Eating Lifestyle…and NEVER go back to dieting again!

But Christie…How do I know if LiveLoveLose is right for me??

If you can pretty much nod your head “yes” to the points below…then I’d say you are a PERFECTLY qualified gal to pull up a chair in LiveLoveLose and start enjoying the benefits.


  • You have tried a million diets in your lifetime and seriously SO TIRED of it (you just might snap if you have to count another calorie!)
  • Losing weight, then gaining weight, then losing it again seems to be a way of life for you (you’re ready to find your genetically healthy weight and stay there)
  • You regularly feel some sort of disdain for your body when you look in the mirror
  • Are ready and willing to consider a radical new way of managing your relationship with food and your body
  • Can accept the fact that this process is going to take some time and are willing to practice patience. We have a LIFETIME of damage to undo here!
  • Are ready to start treating yourself with kindness, courageously reject diets and TRUST THE PROCESS.

If you can relate to any of the above…


Then I want to invite you to join us in changing your relationship with food


Get started RIGHT NOW by clicking the button below choosing the plan that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that this program is an investment and you wonder if “it will work.”  Honestly, LiveLoveLose is designed so you can’t fail.  One of the biggest principles I teach is self-compassion, forgiveness and an acceptance that NO ONE is perfect.  You are releasing years of destructive diets.  It takes time!  There will probably be times when you say “screw this! I’m gonna go back to dieting for a bit.”  That’s not a failure either!  That’s COMMON.  Intuitive eating is a process and you are always learning something new!  So yes…with commitment on your part, and the support from our community – it can work!!

Now – refunds.  That being said, if after 30 days you truly feel that LiveLoveLose is not for you, you can email and request a refund.  Due to the digital nature of the course and immediate availability of a majority of the class upon purchase, you must submit completed copies of your workbook pages from Coffee Chats 1-4.  You must also have shown ACTIVE participation in the LiveLoveLose Cafe- VIP room, meaning at least two postings from each unit (8 in total), answering the various questions the course asks you (there are many opportunities where you are prompted to visit the cafe and respond to a question.)

Will this program help me lose weight?

The focus of the LiveLoveLose program is not weight loss.  It’s focus is on normalizing your relationship with food by helping you to reject the diet mentality, honor your true hunger and fullness, find trust satisfaction in what you eat overcome emotional eating, and SO MUCH MORE.  If you have spent a lot of years eating beyond your fullness and using food to cope with your emotions…it’s very possible that your weight will normalize over time, once you embrace this non-judgmental, body driven way of eating.  If you have been maintaining a weight that is lower than your body’s genetic healthy weight, and it requires regular strict dietary restriction and excessive exercise, it’s possible you may gain weight.

It is for these reasons that you MUST put weight loss on backburner while going through this program.  The goals of LiveLoveLose are to help you make peace with food, respect your body unconditionally and break through the emotional eating.  The feelings of freedom and self love you will achieve from this program are how we measure success.  Once you accept these things into your life – the number on the scale becomes less important.  What becomes your priority is finding the healthiest, most vibrant self you can be. 

I'm WAY TOO busy to take on a program like this - why should I join?

I hear ya.  I honestly haven’t met a person that ISN’T busy these days!  While LiveLoveLose does ask you to really start making some big changes to your life…it is also designed to be taken at your OWN pace.  There is no expectation that you complete one module every week or whatever.  I mean…you can if you want…but as you learn as you enter LiveLoveLose, it is all about compassion. It’s about going easy on yourself.  It’s about doing things in a way that works for you and your life.  The completion of this program isn’t the first priority…it’s about what you learn in the journey (whoooooaaaaa that got deep for a second!  My grandma would be proud). Really though.  If you “fall off the program” (whatever that means to you), the program is always here for you to pick back up.  Life is messy.  LiveLoveLose gets that.  It’s here to create space and reduce stress in your life!!


I have a diagnosed eating disorder. Will this course help me?
LiveLoveLose is not a substitute for medical care, particularly those suffering with an eating disorder.  Those who struggle with these disorders should be under the care of a physician directly.