If diets actually worked (and were sustainable)…why does research show that between 95-99% of dieters GAIN BACK the weight they lost (plus some?)
(Really – please think about that for a moment)

End rigid diets, love what you see in the mirror and feel better than ever…

by COURAGEOUSLY giving up diets forever.

Yep..you heard me.  No calorie counting, no diets, no scales.

As a dietitian with a larger body and woman who consistently fails to meet society’s unrealistic standards for a beautiful body, I understand your frustration.  No…not just understand.  I FEEL it.  Down in my bones!

If there is anything I’ve learned in my journey, it’s that an amazing support system is VITAL to success when trying to make changes to your diet.

So let’s chill out, sit down with a warm drink, and jam one on one. Together, we’re gonna shake off all the bad dieting vibes you’ve picked up, start respecting your body (fat and all) and maximize your nutrition intake so you can start feeling like you are running at a full tank (instead of constantly toeing the line of empty)

We will create a personalized plan of action that addresses the 4 stages of my #MyDietRebellion model in your life (Warm and Cozy Self Care, Your Beauty Standards, Unplugged, Building a High Vibe Tribe and Custom Brewed Health)

When we meet, it’ll be in a cozy corner of the internet (aka a face to face web call) and we’re gonna hash out this stuff like old pals.  I’m gonna help you sit back and learn how to take a gentler, more relaxed and **dare I say*** FUN approach to how you handle your food choices and body image every day.  You’re going to come to realize that the conventional way we’ve been doing things (calorie counting, diets etc) has been 100% sabotaging your efforts to feel your best.

So yeah…get ready to find freedom from that ONE LAST Weight Watchers attempt, the feelings of disgust when looking in the mirror under those GOD AWFUL changing room lights and the despair that washes over you when you emotionally gorge yourself on #allthethings.

Initial Jam Session
(aka the first visit)

During this get-to-know-you jam sesh, we focus on your dieting history, identify your current habits, lay out exactly what your concerns and set some epic goals.  This session sets the stage for your success.  The best part?  It’s all tailored specifically to you.

Initial sessions are done in person, or via call (phone or web) and last about 75-90 minutes

Follow up Jam Sessions

These sessions are the SO important for your success. These sessions are designed to give you the accountability needed to make this stuff stick. We’ll talk about nutrition, overcome obstacles and help you get refocused and refreshed.

Follow up sessions are done in person or via call (phone or web) and last about 30-45 minutes each




Looking for long term support?  One, three and six month packages {that include multiple calls and unlimited email support} are available with significant discounts. Inquire above for more details!

**Please note that at this time, I do not take insurance – however I’m pretty darn flexible when it comes to payment plans…so let’s work something out!***

In our coffee-talks (aka work sessions), we will create a step-by-step plan to:

  • End that hopeless, stressful, “I will just lose control” feeling you have around your favorite foods
  • Create a personalized “Emotional Eating Rescue Plan” to get you past those times when you just wanna eat your feelings!
  • Infinitely reduce that food anxiety you feel by learning how to GIVE UP the diet mentality
  • Remember what it’s like to eat a healthy balanced meal WITHOUT the need for restriction of hanging over you? No? Don’t worry – we’re gonna fix that right up!
  • Discover how to end out-of-control eating once and for all (yes…it’s possible. I promise)
  • Learn exactly how to stop losing weight and gaining weight…and losing…and gaining…and then losing…and then gaining again…
  • Find true satisfaction in every food you eat (whether it’s kale, or whether it’s an Oreo cookie)
  • Learn how to TRUST yourself around food again (ALL FOOD!)
  • Exercise and move because it’s awesome…not because you need to “make up for those french fries you had a lunch”
  • Give up having to use “willpower” (because the idea of willpower is a like a cup of bad coffee – just WRONG)
  • Become naturally drawn to foods that will nourish your body, without the feelings of restriction or that your “diet says you have to eat it
  • Be able to look at your body in the mirror and say something NICE to yourself (instead of “ugh you are disgusting” or “I hate my stomach”)
  • Embrace a new way of navigating emotional eating and how to cope WITHOUT the use of food
  • Increase your energy levels, decrease symptoms of chronic disease and feel comfortable in your own skin!
  • Create a healthy body that you are proud of!


Do you have a chronic disease (like diabetes, high cholesterol, PCOS etc) that requires dietary restrictions or special modifications…and worry this way of life would never work for you? 

Good news.  IT CAN…and I will show you HOW.

On the fence about working together and would like to chat with me first? Don’t click away!!!  CLICK HERE and schedule a free, no strings attached call, or send me a message HERE to start connecting 🙂

Let’s do this, my friend.  I’ve saved you a seat.

YOUR time has come. 

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